lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Empanada fácil

This is a very easy empanada recipe. In Spain, empanadas are usually salty. They are either filled with pork tenderloin and pimientos, bacon and sausage, or like the one I made with atún (tuna fish). Yes, I must say our tuna fish in Spain is excellent. The one we use comes in a crystal can and it is covered with olive oil. Really good!

You need:
For the dough, a cup of olive oil, a cup of beer, salt and flour.

For the filling, you need an onion, garlic, half a red pepper, a fresh tomato, a couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce, canned tuna fish (strained tuna fish) and parsley.

This is a very simple recipe. In order to make the dough, all you need to do is add the oil, beer and salt and mix, then keep adding the flour until you are able to work it with your hands without sticking to them. At first, I add the flour and just stir with a spoon, until it becomes thick and then, I start working it with my hands until it doesn´t stick anymore. I let it rise for half an hour or so.

Meanwhile, I make the filling. Like I said, if you don´t have tuna or don´t like tuna. You can prepare the filling the same way, but instead of adding tuna, just add pork tenderloin and fried well.
First, you need to sauté the onion, garlic and pepper. Once, it is cooked, add the fresh tomato and let it cook for a little bit. We then, add the tuna, parsley and tomato sauce. Keep in mind that if you decide to make it with a pork filling, you will probably need to cook the meat for a longer time, than canned tuna. Set aside your filling.

Now, you need to divide the dough into two round balls. You have to stretch the two round dough balls into two thin layers. Make sure you do this using a rolling pin and the workface you work on it is lightly floured.

Now, you have to place one of this layers of dough on a greased oven pan. Then, you will put the filling in the middle and cover with the other layer. I didn´t make mine look very pretty. But you can make some designs on it and make sure you prick the top part with a fork. You place it in the oven and keep checking until the dough turns golden and it is done.

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